Free Gas Vouchers Tacoma Wa

Free Gas Vouchers Tacoma Wa

Access Free Gas Vouchers with Food Banks

Residents of Tacoma Wa, who are in need of assistance with fuel access, can often look to a local food banks for help. Many food banks provide free gas vouchers to individuals and families in need. These vouchers are often available through partnerships with local churches, non-profit organizations, and other groups that provide assistance to members of the community.

Working with Food Banks:

When looking for help from local food banks, it is best to call ahead and speak with a representative to discuss individual needs and eligibility requirements. Access to free gas vouchers is dependent on meeting financial requirements and availability. It is important to note that each food bank may have different requirements, amounts, and restrictions for free gas voucher assistance, so the best advice is to call ahead to get all of the details about the program.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility requirements may include meeting a certain income threshold or being a current food bank client. If an individual meets these requirements, they can apply for and receive assistance in the form of gas vouchers or fuel cards which can be used to purchase fuel. Most food banks provide vouchers with each visit to the food bank, but these may be limited in amount depending on the individual’s circumstances.

Local Resources

Food banks in Tacoma Wa that provide assistance with free gas vouchers include:

  • FISH of Tacoma
  • St. Leo’s Food Service
  • Pierce County Hunger Network
  • Hope Station
  • Mustard Seed Project


For more information on foodbanks in Tacoma Wa that provide assistance with free gas vouchers, visit:

Free Gas Vouchers Tacoma Wa

Get Fuel Assistance in Tacoma

Tacoma is a city with a diverse population, offering many opportunities for economic growth and well-being. However, there are times when individuals and families experience financial hardships that make it hard to get the most basic of needs. During these times, access to free gas vouchers can help ease the burden and worry of uncertain times by helping to meet the basic needs of transportation.

Who Qualifies for Free Gas Vouchers

In Tacoma, individuals and families may qualify for free gas vouchers if they meet certain income requirements. Generally, individuals and families must have limited income, less than the following thresholds depending upon household size:

  • 1 person: $1,612 a month
  • 2 persons: $2,193 a month
  • 3 persons: $2,774 a month
  • 4 persons: $3,355 a month

Where to Get Free Gas Vouchers

Individuals and families who meet the above criteria may receive assistance with gasoline through the Community Services Fund (CSF) program. The Community Services Fund provides vouchers to individuals and families who need to purchase gas for transportation to a doctor’s appointment, to work, to school, or to purchase groceries.

Applying for Free Gas Vouchers

The Community Services Fund application process must be completed in person. To apply for the program, individuals and families must bring proof of identity, a current piece of mail, proof of income, and proof of residence to the following locations:

Getting Help with Free Gas Vouchers

If you have questions about free gas vouchers or how to apply, please contact the CSF program at 253-573-7547. You can also call Metro Parks Tacoma Community Center at 253-627-6031 for more information.

Tacoma Municipal Code 02.02.700
Metro Parks Tacoma Community Center

Free Gas Vouchers in Tacoma, WA

What Programs Provide Free Gas Vouchers?

For residents in Tacoma, WA, there are several helpful programs that can provide free gas vouchers. These programs can be used to reduce the cost of filling up the car and help struggling households make ends meet.

Fuel Card Programs

Tacoma residents may apply for fuel card programs, such as the Community Action Partnership of Pierce County’s Fuel Card Program. This program provides eligible households with cards that can be used to purchase fuel from participating gas stations. Eligibility criteria includes proof of Tacoma address, income at or below federal poverty level, and picture identification.

Tacoma Residents Assistance Program

The Tacoma Residents Assistance Program is another option for Tacoma residents in need of free gas vouchers. The program, run by Metro Parks Tacoma, provides vouchers to people in the Tacoma area who qualify. Criteria for qualification includes proof of address, proof of enrollment in programs such as food stamps, Washington State Health Care Authority, or Disability Determination Services, and proof of active Medicaid status or low-income.

St. Leo’s Food Bank

The St. Leo’s Food Bank in Tacoma can provide free gas vouchers for eligible households in the area. Qualification is based on need and proof of residence in Tacoma. The vouchers can be used at participating gas stations for a fill-up.

Other Organizations

Additionally, there are other organizations in the Tacoma area that can provide free gas vouchers. These may include churches, food pantries, and other non-profit organizations. Contacting local organizations and asking about availability is the best way to determine what is available.


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Free Gas Vouchers Tacoma Wa: A Helping Hand for Residents in Need

What Are Free Gas Vouchers?

Free gas vouchers are a form of assistance helping low-income families and individuals pay for gasoline. They are issued in various ways and from many organizations. In certain areas, like Tacoma, WA, free gas vouchers are provided or subsidized by government-funded programs, churches, non-profits, and charities. The vouchers help offset the cost of gasoline for those who cannot afford it on their own.

Who Qualifies for Free Gas Vouchers in Tacoma?

The Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) in Washington State determines the income requirements to be eligible for free gas vouchers in Tacoma. Generally, applicants must meet certain requirements to qualify. For one, applicants must meet the income guidelines that limit their household income to no more than 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level or within the limits of Temporary Assistance of Needy Families. In addition to income verification, applicants must also reside in certain geographic areas to ensure their local needs are met.

How Can Someone Receive Free Gas Vouchers in Tacoma?

People interested in applying for free gas vouchers in Tacoma should first contact their local Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS). DSHS can provide information about available vouchers, eligibility requirements, and other steps in the application process. Other areas in Washington State may also have vouchers available so individuals should research different programs to see if they qualify.

Community Organizations Offering Free Gas Vouchers in Tacoma

Aside from government-funded programs, various community organizations in Tacoma have programs dedicated to helping those in need with free gas vouchers. Organizations like:

  • The Tacoma Urban League
  • Fish Food Bank
  • Northwest Hope and Healing
  • Salvation Army, Tacoma
  • Your Voice

often provide free gas vouchers for residents in Tacoma who cannot afford basic transportation costs. Residents should contact these organizations directly for information on how to apply for vouchers.

Additional Resources for Free Gas Vouchers Tacoma WA

Find Help Finding Fuel and Transportation Assistance

Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS)

Search for Community Organizations that Offer Free Gas Vouchers

2-1-1 Washington

Find Other Resources for Low-Income Individuals and Families

Need Help Paying Bills

Free gas vouchers can provide a great relief for low-income families in Tacoma. Assistance programs increase financial stability and promote mobility. It is important to note that programs are often limited and may vary by location. To learn more about free gas vouchers in Tacoma, residents should contact the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) or search for local resources.


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Need Help Paying Bills. (2020). Tacoma, Washington assistance programs and services. Retrieved March 4, 2021 from

Free Gas Vouchers in Tacoma WA

Reasons to Seek Out Free Gas Vouchers in Tacoma WA

Due to the high cost of fuel, many people in Tacoma WA are turning to free gas vouchers to help stretch their limited budgets. With gas prices continuing to rise, it is becoming increasingly difficult to afford the fuel costs needed to get around town. Luckily, there are a few options available to Tacoma residents to help them with service-related costs.

Finding Available Free Gas Vouchers in Tacoma WA

There are a few ways to find free gas vouchers in Tacoma WA. One way is to contact the local social service offices, such as the United Way, to see if they offer vouchers or resources that can help. Additionally, some restaurants and community organizations may offer vouchers as promotions or giveaways. It’s worth reaching out to see if this is an option.

In addition, there are many websites available for free gas vouchers that provide printable coupons or other resources. It is important to research the validity of the website before using it, as not all coupons are legitimate. The Federal Trade Commission can provide more information about websites and how to determine if they are trustworthy.

Eligibility Requirements for Free Gas Vouchers in Tacoma WA

Eligibility requirements for free gas vouchers will vary depending on the program.

For example, the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides one-time or short-term help with fuel costs for families that meet certain income guidelines. It’s important to contact the local LIHEAP office to find out if an individual or family qualifies for the program.

Other organizations, such as churches and charities, may also have their own criteria for distributing free gas vouchers.

Using Free Gas Vouchers in Tacoma WA

Using free gas vouchers in Tacoma WA is easy. Depending on the program, vouchers may be provided as gift cards that can be used directly at participating gas stations. Other programs may provide the vouchers as a discount from a specific vendor, such as Chevron. The voucher often stipulates the amount of money saved, and the individual using the voucher is responsible for any remaining costs.

Using free gas vouchers can significantly reduce a family’s monthly fuel costs and can provide some much-needed relief during times of financial uncertainty.


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